Mammals Unlocked (Open Earth)

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Mammals are found all over the world, but how does one recognize a mammal since these amazing animals have so many different features? Look for three specific characteristics: these curious creatures must possess hair or fur, have three middle ear bones, and their females are programmed to produce milk.

In this cleverly outlined book featuring attractive black and white sketches of the diverse assortment of animals, each page illustrates a unique mammal with an associated question. The species are sorted according to locale, such as denizens of the jungle, mountains, bush, and the sea. The various modes of reproduction in mammals are also explored.

This resource, with its engaging question and introduction to diverse mammalian members followed by its clearly explained answers, provides an arousing and intriguing introduction to basic science and an awareness of the adaptations nature provides for the survival of the species.

Imagine how long a giant anteater’s tongue is, determine what pikas or galagos are, guess how long a blue whale is or even the length of a giraffe’s neck. From the very small to the gigantic, mammals range the world, this book allows the reader to learn a bit more about them and to appreciate their diversity and specializations.

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Author Dia L Michels, Bonnie Hofkin, Sarah Cox
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Science, Naturally!
Publish Date 01-Nov-2023
ISBN 9781958629291 Buy this Book
Issue December 2023
Category Science & Nature