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Marsco Triumphant

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James A. Zarzana’s dystopian series, The Marsco Saga, continues in book two: Marsco Triumphant. In this series, Earth and its surrounding space is controlled by Marsco, an Earth-based corporation that took power in the chaotic post-apocalyptic mid-21st century. Earth is a sparsely populated, war-ravaged planet on which the government has segregated the disadvantaged and disease is rampant. Marsco wields power in an Orwellian manner, using surveillance and state control of all aspects of life in the name of humanitarian aid.

Book two of the Marsco series begins with both Marsco and the dissident factions regrouping to gain control of the planet and its people. One such group, led by Martin Herriff, plans to pilot the newly built ship, The Sirius II, into unknown space rather than risk having the advanced technology they have perfected subsumed by the Marsco corporate machine to be used to their own greedy ends. The novel follows the internal struggle of these scientists as they consider the ramifications of their journey into an uncharted space and time, as well as the trials these people must endure to ensure that their ship and its real mission is not discovered by Marsco.

This is science fiction/fantasy at its most readable and enjoyable. The dialogue-heavy novel never devolves into jargon or suffers from being mired down in the typical gruesome details like many novels about war. The author also adds a very helpful glossary in the back of the book to help the reader with the slang of his created universe. However, it is Zarzana’s characters that set his work apart. Each is well rounded and emotionally deep, and we can’t help but become drawn into their lives. Even when we dislike a character, we are also forced to understand his/her actions because we have been made privy to what has made them what they have become.

If Zarzana’s second installment in The Marsco Saga is an indication of things to come, we have much to look forward to.

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James A. Zarzana
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643 pages
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October 2016
Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Meet the Author
Originally from Sacramento, California, Zarzana holds a PhD in English from the University of Notre Dame specializing in the British novel. In 1989 he joined the English Department of Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota. In May 2015, he retired from fulltime teaching to devote his time entirely to writing. He received emeritus status upon his retirement. Zarzana writes speculative science fiction in which character development, political machinations, and theme drive his works, not plot gimmicks and hypotheses about future technology. Marsco uses raw power to control the world. It is this conflict between citizens and the abuse of power by monolithic political entities that Zarzana explores. Even though most of his work is in the speculative genre, he is also working on a novel about the academy, which is either a comic look at the incongruous drama of university life or a serious look at the unintended absurdity of academic life. Besides writing and teaching, Zarzana enjoy reading fiction ranging from Jane Austen to Pat Barker to Patrick O’Brien. He also reads widely in history: the Marsco world is based loosely on the Roman and British Empires. An avid college football fan, he especially follows Notre Dame football. He also enjoys cooking. He loves dogs.

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James A. Zarzana



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643 pages



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October 2016

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fin Madden

    Fantastic novel, better than the first book. Zarzana builds a world of depth and reality hardly seen these days of pulp fiction and Star Wars serials. The characters wrestle with real world problems in a George R.R. Martin-esque reality that takes all of the possibilities of today’s socio-political nightmares into a future too horrible to imagine. A fantastic space thriller with so much to think about!