Matt Monroe and The Haunted House

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Matt Monroe seems like a typical, Mountain Dew-drinking high school freshman, but he is plagued with strange dreams, and his older brother Josh is acting weird. Both boys recently returned from an adventure in a parallel land called Paragon, where they and their friends battled a dragon and an evil elf named Damien. Having returned home, Matt assumed life would go back to normal.

While on his paper route, Matt finds a few dead livestock on a farmer’s land. He then encounters two strange children named Nathaniel and Annabelle staying at the old abandoned Payne mansion. Later that night, Matt sees a mysterious stranger creeping around his backyard. Josh shows up with his clothes all shredded. To make matters worse, high school is off to a terrible start. The cheerleaders have a crush on his brother and are out to make trouble. The librarian isn’t acting like a normal librarian: she can pass through mirrors. And there is a dragon flying around Matt’s hometown. Life is never boring with the Monroe brothers.

Matt Monroe and the Haunted House by Edward Torba is the next book in the Matt Monroe series. With the help of their friends from Paragon, and a few new ones, the Monroe brothers must find out who is behind this new threat to their family. There are teachers and students who threaten to betray the heroes. Did they defeat Damien after all? Fortunately, Matt has many allies, adults and students alike.

Constant references to Matt’s Paragon adventures make the first book a desired read, though it is not necessary to enjoy the follow-up book. A brief summary of the events catches the reader up early on in the story. The book starts off with some confusing head-hopping and time jumps. There are also aspects of Matt’s life that come across as outdated for today’s middle-grade reader. Who has a paper route in the twenty-first century? Plus, there are some flat characters. For example, the cheerleaders are vapid examples of the mean girl trope. But this is an action-packed story with no dull moments. The action goes at full speed and keeps the pages turning. Matt’s funny teen persona shines through, and his relationship with Josh is authentic. The two don’t always get along, but when their lives are in danger, their brotherly bond is strong. The love and loyalty of Matt’s friends and family are a major theme that gives the story a positive tone and wholesome family values.

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Author Edward Torba
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher All Points Press, LLC
Publish Date 26-Nov-2019
ISBN 9780985082765
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Issue July 2019
Category Tweens


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