Means of Transport That Changed The World

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With time the world changes as new discoveries and their applications affect daily life. In this attractively graphically illustrated edition, the historical story of transportation through water, land, and the air is colorfully illustrated and concisely described.

Starting with the Greek oared ships from ancient times, continuing onto more recent ocean liners such as the Titanic, and even traveling seven miles underwater in a bathyscaphe, the Czech authors hit on some of the highlights of aquatic travels.

On land, the reader can follow horse drawn carriages being gradually replaced by steam carriages, the three-wheeled motorwagens, and then the popular four-tired Model T Ford.

Then up to the sky in hot air balloons or in explosive hydrogen-filled dirigibles, finally being replaced by Boeing aircraft. The story concludes with the space shuttle and the beginning of travel to outer space and an introduction to the astronauts.

As far as it goes, the changing history of travel is highlighted with snippets of historical background, but some readers may want to add other features such as submarines, hybrid or EV cars, or drones with more recent details about our adventures in space.

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Author Tom Velcovsky
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Albatros Media
Publish Date 05-Jul-2022
ISBN 9788000063553 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Children's