Moon Over Madness Essential for Love: David’s Story

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Meet David White, a twenty-six-year-old man who lives by himself in his apartment in Philadelphia, unless you want to also include Grandma as well. He leads a simple life without a telephone and a TV, and mainly keeps to himself, besides being at work and the occasional outing to get a gorilla. Although a single introvert, he still finds ways to entertain himself, especially in the area of dreaming about love. Making up fairytales is a specialty of his, and he always allows himself to be the hero for the lady of his dreams. Thinking this is all there is to his life, he gets quite the surprise one day when a bully confronts him and pulls out a gun, which is placed on the side of his head. One could say this is a turning point for David’s life. After getting over being scared, he gets mad, and if not for the help of a policeman named Daryl, he might not have made too good of life choices. Daryl and David soon became best friends and help each other out in different aspects of their lives. The rest of the novel is David’s story of finding his true love, in the midst of everyone around him finding theirs, and how each character plays a key role in each other’s lives.

I found Moon Over Madness Essential for Love: David’s Story to be very enjoyable. While reading, I had to remind myself that this takes place in the 1960s, since the style of dialogue reads much differently than I am used to hearing in the current era; this could be because of the time period or the author’s style of writing, but it was refreshing to read a story composed of mostly positive statements said amid each other (excluding words to/from the bullies in the story). The character list seemed to keep growing through the story, but it was nice to have chapters on each of them to provide backstory or more about them. This story is one that proves that even though you start out or currently are a certain way, and you desire to change for positive reasons, then it is possible, and your life can end up the better for it. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for an easy read, and probably a relatable one with certain crowds. Here is a decent read for those who enjoy romance, but it’s not over-sexualized to turn others away who might not be the biggest fans of that genre.

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Author VW Sheperd
Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 257 pages
Publisher Bookstand Publishing
Publish Date 2019-01-01
ISBN 9781634987523
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Issue June 2019
Category Romance


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