My Sweet Vidalia

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My Sweet Vidalia by Deborah Mantella is the story of a young girl trapped in a horrific, yet all too common, situation. Seventeen-year-old Vidalia is seduced and becomes pregnant by a truly reprehensible man who she is then forced to marry. Her life is not a happy one as she is subjected to both mental and physical abuse on a daily basis. It is during one of his beatings that she miscarries her first child, a girl she calls Cieli Mae. Although this will not be the only child he causes her to lose, this is the only one that chooses to stay by her mother’s side as a spirit guide of sorts.

It is this unorthodox and refreshing choice of narrator that sets this novel apart. While Cieli cannot really effect changes, she acts as the voice in Vidalia’s ear, a conscience if you please, who helps Vidalia survive and thrive in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Whether you believe Cieli is a spirit, Vidalia’s inner voice, or simply the result of a psychotic break brought on by her traumatically dysfunctional life, it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that her presence, and the almost covert support of a doctor and a woman of color, save Vidalia and help her break free.

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Author Deborah Mantella
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Turner Publishing Company, Nashville/NYC
Publish Date 10/6/2015
ISBN 978163026962
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Issue 12/1/2016
Category Historical Fiction


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