Oil Spill

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Dylan Saucedo’s Oil Spill is a poetry collection that uses each succinct poem to reflect on the many emotional torments that most people experience, often in abundance. The front cover is broody and intense, and perfectly depicts the overarching subject matter of the collection. Ultimately, the cover is the best and only eloquent description provided for the nature of Oil Spill and Dylan’s overall purpose, which is ultimately to connect with his readers in each poem about the different psychological torments of the human state.

What is great about this collection is the length of the poems. When your intended audience is quite broad, concision is often the most critical element in making an impact in those five seconds when the readers decide whether to commit or to quit. Moreover, poems can often find potency in succinct prose that encourages the reader’s undivided attention between each line. It means that each line really does count, and there is no room for any weak areas, and if Saucedo fails to give power to his words, and aesthetic beauty to his expression, there is nowhere to hide. Negative topics require a greater level of poignancy in order to draw the reader into the emotional intensity. In fact, in exploring the darker aspects of human nature, Saucedo completely relies on being able to connect with his reader, which makes the empathetic capacity of this collection crucial. Unfortunately, Oil Spill lacks that level depth required when examining psychological conflict. His expressions fail to draw upon the eloquence and creativity required to conjure powerful images that are able expose the nature of the human condition.

Furthermore, the poems would benefit from a more traditional style of titling. In this instance, the titles need, first and foremost, to be functional. Saucedo’s titles should be clear, in a bold heading at the top of each page, as it is important for the reader to be able to remember and locate the poems of personal significance. Considering the purpose of this poetry collection, consistency in format is essential.

Saucedo must be commended on the nature of what he sets out to do with his poetry collection, as he ultimately tries to provide a source of refuge and understanding in those moments of struggle that most humans are subject to. The human condition is indeed complex and confusing, and it is just a shame that he doesn’t quite manage to articulate himself to a degree that is able to empower his readers, particularly as his intention and raw emotion are in abundance.

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Author Dylan Saucedo
Star Count 2.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 97 pages
Publisher Independently published
Publish Date 2018-Oct-07
ISBN 0978172680309
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Issue January 2019
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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