Pearls of Gold

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In Pearls of Gold, Verna Hall Linzey, a movie actress, evangelist, poet, writer, Bible translator, television and radio host, speaker, and singer, takes readers on a silken journey through her gentle perceptions. Through poetry and prayers, readers come to learn of Linzey’s devout faith and wise spirit.

Each poem is concise, with many sweet tones or astute observations. She writes of Christmas and Easter, faith and hope, aging, virtues, and her love for Christ. She also has a few poems about humor and patriotism, as well as several prayers for the United States Armed Forces and England’s former monarch, displaying the importance of caring for the nation’s well-being.

Reading these poems is like taking a look into a clear pond. The late author wore her heart on her sleeve. It’s very easy to understand each poem; there is nothing cryptic. Some of them are quite simple and concise, but nevertheless elegant and well-composed. For example, take the first poem in the collection, titled “Angels:” “Angels are sweet / With comfort divine, / And very discreet; / I know one is mine.” Linzey’s careful words have a thoughtful and calming effect.

They are nearly all positive or have a happy ending. She writes with much wisdom and experience. It is easy to tell that she was a very observant person, who was very aware of her role in the world. She writes of her fleeting life and unwavering dedication to the Lord in “I Will Pass One Time:” “Through this life / I will pass one time; / I will sacrifice / Each day. To Him I will yield / To have new life, For life is death, / But death is gain!”

All of the poems and prayers are accompanied by grayscale pre-modern paintings and, as an exception, a photo, enhancing the visual and sensory experience for the reader. Even without the pictures, each poem evokes undeniable thought or emotion.

Overall, Pearls of Gold is a work that has been crafted with great poise and careful thought, from the poems’ coordination with their according pictures to the arrangement of each line. Linzey was full of profound and subtle insight, which pillows her words. This is a work of keen perceptions, creativity, and depth that can only come from a woman of great faith. It is a tapestry woven with threads of profound insight, offering readers a glimpse into the contemplative world of a soulful and gifted writer.

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Author Verna Hall Linzey
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 119 pages
Publisher James Linzey Publishers
Publish Date 11-Apr-2024
ISBN 9781936857517 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Poetry & Short Stories