Penguins: A Compare and Contrast Book

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In this fascinating picture book about penguins, children will unearth a variety of interesting facts about these incredible creatures. They’ll discover similarities as well as dissimilarities among them, and despite what many think, the majority of penguins live in warm climates, with only five of the known eighteen species living in the frigid Antarctic region. They all lay eggs, but some hold them on their feet to warm them, while others build nests in the sand, rocks, and crevices. Most are black and white and have yellow or red eyes, but a unique breed, little penguins, have a blue and white coat. These truths are just the tip of the iceberg.

This non-fiction pick will grip young readers’ attention. It’s full of vivid, real-life photographs of these adorable flightless birds. Youth will learn fun trivia such as what enables penguins to be able to swallow fish whole and why they take such short steps. They’ll become familiar with the diversity that lies among them and will be able to identify which ones are often mistaken for emperor penguins. There’s a plethora of knowledge imbedded within the contents of this relatively short read. It’ll likely become a favorite of elementary school science teachers and students alike.

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Author Cher Vatalaro
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Arbordale Publishing
Publish Date 10-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781643519876 Buy this Book
Issue Trade
Category Children's