Plankton is Pushy

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Humor and tension run high in this story when Plankton tries to strike up a conversation with Mussel. Mussel gives no reply. Plankton considers this behavior just plain rude and proceeds to explain to Mussel how social rules are when someone says hi. He gives Mussel another chance, but still no response from Mussel. First Plankton gets angry, then he gets desperate and begs Mussel to speak. The clam begins to open his shell, and Plankton gets excited that he is about to speak and leans in closer. And closer. Until, you guessed it—snap! Find out what Plankton thinks about Mussel.

While this shtick has been played out in many different scenarios, it remains funny in this sea-world adventure. Award-winning author and illustrator Jonathan Fenske uses contrasts to the delight of readers in this story. A small, salmon-colored plankton trying to push around a large, gray mussel clam sets the stage. The very emotional plankton moves up and down, forth and back, while the stoic mussel just sits on the ocean bed. A fun read.

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Author Jonathan Fenske
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Scholastic Press
Publish Date 2017-Apr-25
ISBN 9781338098969 Buy this Book
Issue May 2017
Category Children's


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