Rage and Mercy Part 1

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In Rage and Mercy Part One, Sayer, a black man, drives Diana Westcherry, a white woman, around Los Angeles. He’s been doing that for ten years, and they have a fairly close relationship considering he’s hired help. Diana always treats him with respect, and he is one of the few people that she opens up to. Then one night after Sayer has dropped her off at a party, Diana leaves early and has to wait for him to pick her up. As she’s waiting, she is murdered by drug addicts. Sayer takes it upon himself to avenge her by murdering any drug addicts he finds and carving her name into their foreheads or using their blood to paint her name on the wall. Diana’s father thinks this is a great idea and even offers to pay him for each one he kills, but, knowing it will most likely result in Sayer being caught by police and possibly executed, he tells Sayer he will only give the money to a child he has. So Sayer kidnaps Amanda, a woman who he sometimes drove around as well in order to have that child. And so ends part one.

There was not a single part of this book I enjoyed. Every single character was beyond terrible, even the supposed-to-be-innocent Diana. There was a ridiculous amount of foul language and sex, even before the raping near the end. Also, the rape scene was incredibly graphic. What was the deal with calling all drug addicts fiends? It was as if the author wanted to set them up as the only bad people in the book, but every character seemed to be that way.

I hate that the back cover has a cross on the back because, based on how he portrayed Amanda, he has no idea what Christ stands for or how a truly born-again Christian would act. She was just as despicable as Sayer, but then again maybe the author’s point is to make you hate Christians as well as drug addicts and murderers. They’re all the same right?

Unless the author is a glutton for punishment, I have a feeling he will not enjoy this review. However, I cannot honestly recommend for anyone to read this book. I wish I hadn’t read it. I can’t think of anyone who would enjoy it. I know for sure I will not be waiting to read part two.

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Author Scott Dresden
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 182 pages
Publisher Scott Dresden
Publish Date 2017-Mar-21
ISBN 9781544236377
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Issue April 2017
Category Popular Fiction


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