Reece’s Vintage Tales

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A stunning collection of unique tales that explore themes that include pride, strength, and heroism with Christian underpinnings woven throughout. Meet a garment maker that works to please a prince in A Christmas Yarn and follow little green riding hood as she deals with a wolf that claims to be a vegetarian. Then go on an adventure with moon-babes as they search for a home in Finding Atlantis, have an emotional moment in a modern tale of two premature twins as one fights for life, and have fun with a farting bunny that just might be a hero. Lovely illustrations are woven throughout with stunning detail and sweet child-like quality to the style that adds to the charm of each story. Reece’s Vintage Tales is a humorous and delightful collection that isn’t afraid to be whimsical, imaginative, and heartfelt, which makes for the perfect stories to share as a family. Each story is followed by a glossary that will teach kids new words to help broaden their vocabulary. Each of the stories is different from the other with a wide range of genres explored with each maintaining the same light and often emotional tone. A new perspective on Little Red Riding Hood is explored with a vegetarian twist and an eco-friendly message. Other tales, such as A Christmas Yarn and The Prince of Vanity, explore themes of vanity, prosperity, ungratefulness, spoiled, and pride as both stories read as cautionary tales. A Christmas Yarn deals with a prince who punishes a poor garment maker for not meeting his own greed, and The Prince of Vanity who wants to be loved as himself but finds a girl that is only concerned with her strive for royalty.

Ken and the Gigantic Urn is a hero’s tale set in China that follows one man’s destiny to become Prime Minister, while Yakitori and Sukiyaki is another tale of heroism about two mice that save a house from a fire. Some of the stories are more fantastical than others with some containing talking animals and magic rainbows. Some of the animals are personified, such as Persinette, who is a pig trying to find her own career which leads her into failure after failure in real estate while others are regular animals that just happen to also talk. What the Mustard Seed Says is one of the more fantastical tales in the collection with talking trees. Each of these animal tales comes with their own moral lessons about heroism, finding oneself, following dreams, never giving in to discouragement, and never giving up. The Farting Bunny is filled with humor and the wackiness as it’s a story of a little hero that happens to save the day in a rather peculiar way.

Other stories included venture far into space like in Finding Atlantis and over the rainbow-like in the sweet story of two children found by a loving couple. The Rainbow Babies is a heartfelt story of two siblings and a magical rainbow that brings them into the lives of a couple which is hopeful and will make you smile. The modern story Hang in There strike all the right emotional buttons as two premature babies find strength in each other. It’s a moment of hope and fear of what could happen that many have experienced, but the heart within it will resonate. The genres are vastly different but they have the same blend of humor, charm, emotion, and originality that makes Reece’s Vintage Tales a must-have for families to enjoy together.

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Author N. Reece Ho-Sheffield
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Apples-of-Gold Inc.
Publish Date 2019-06-24
ISBN 9781543966510
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Issue September 2019
Category Tweens


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