Rise of the Good Wolf: Releasing our Self into our Truth

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Inspired by the tale of The Good Wolf and Bad Wolf, Rise of the Good Wolf is a collection of helpful information connected to powerful stories of those who have broken free from barriers to follow their destinies. Including Kelly Pellatt’s personal examples and breakthroughs, the stories presented throughout this book are “from various eras, people, nations and ecosystems”—a reminder to all that “we are all significant and necessary threads, woven together with other threads that bring us deeper into our awareness of Self.”

Pellatt’s debut book is a powerful conduit to aligning one’s life and purpose for the betterment of humankind and the earth. Pellatt divides her narrative into two parts. Punctuating chapters with thought-provoking maxims and pertinent statements, the first section sets the framework of self-awareness and the importance of learning to distinguish between factors that nurture False Self (“a defensive facade which leaves us feeling disconnected, empty and lacking internal gratification”) and True Self (“that authentic, spontaneous, alive Self” who “needs to be in our world exploring and discovering, learning from and working through fear”). Good examples of false truths are social media such as Facebook, which “cannot be a substitute for personal connections” that are developed through human contact, and negative and misleading messages that keep people from facing fears. It is when people move beyond their fears and embrace their True Selves that they have the ability to reach out to others and care for the earth with kindness and love.

Segueing seamlessly to the second part, Pellatt uses an acronym to describe the wonderful potential people have when they become in tune with their True Selves and, in turn, become in tune with others and their environment. As Pellatt states at the beginning of the section, “Each letter in the word ‘love’ represents a significant value that nurtures the essence of love. Listening, Observing, Validating, and Empowering when done with love are free of jealousy, insecurity, ego, and control.” Pellatt once again demonstrates through the example of stories what happens when people make a choice to apply and embrace the above-mentioned values to them, and then permit those values to nurture, grow, and flow out of their lives to reach out to others and beyond.

A compelling read, Rise of the Good Wolf has life-changing potential for those who dare to face their fears.

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Author Kelly Pellatt
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 200 pages
Publisher Good Wolf Publishing
Publish Date 1-Mar-16
ISBN 9780994875808
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Issue February 2016
Category Self-Help


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