Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction

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These are the possible ways that formerly extinct creatures, returned to life by science as genetically engineered clones or hybrids, could be referred to in the future if the science ever emerges. But when it comes to the idea of resurrecting or repopulating species that are currently extinct, there’s more to talk about than just the science.

Rise of the Necrofauna explores the complicated word of de-extinction, delving not only into the science behind it, but the moral, economic, political, and environmental ramifications of the science. Wray talks to all sides, exploring the reasons for and against various de-extinction projects and movements, even discussing the differences creature by creature.

Would the reintroduction of woolly mammoths be more or less invasive than the billion-strong flocks of passenger pigeons that used to roam the skies? Or were either (or both) of these creatures valuable, irreplaceable parts of their ecosystem that we have a duty to restore to life and equilibrium, if possible.

It’s a fascinating subject explored with intelligence and little bias. This is terrific science reporting.

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Author Britt Wray • George Church, Foreword
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Greystone Books
Publish Date 2017-Oct-03
ISBN 9781771641647
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Issue May 2018
Category Science & Nature


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