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War and love, while opposites, are two things that can bring even the strongest to their knees. Roach introduces us first to Griffin Scoarse. Living in New York City that is a sad shell of what it had once been since the beginning of the war, Griffin robotically moves through his days at the weapons factory and his nights in a drug filled haze with reminders of his deceased mother’s words haunting him with the dreams she had for him. A chance meeting with a mysterious girl named Becks on the way home from work one day, followed by losing his job, sends him into a downward spiral of drugs and despair. Not knowing which way is up or whether to bother, Becks proves to be the push he needs to get back out there and make a difference leading him to find a job in the barrack housing for soldiers fighting an endless and devastating war.

Next, we meet Alex Nessler who is so desperate to escape society she commits murder to go to prison with the hopes of hiding. When that does not pan out as the best escape she is given the opportunity to get out of prison by joining the military to fight for America. She chooses this option although it has limited training and an even slimmer chance of survival. During her stint in jail and then as she prepares to fight we learn that Alex is the one who got away for Griffin, and vice versa. Seemingly headed for a chance meeting at the barracks, the question is will Griffin and Alex be reunited and if they are will there be anywhere for them to escape the devastation of war to find their happy ending?

Roach tells the story of love and war through the eyes and lives of many characters throughout the book. From Griffin and Alex, Griffin and Becks, soldiers in Alex’s team, love, war and desperation for survival is seen through each characters eyes and interactions. Author, Alisa Perederey, tells a haunting story of a world that is ravaged by war, leaving readers sifting through characters for the good left in humanity and what happens when the world really appears to be over. Vivid details and complex characters that you both root for and loathe keep you turning the page. Roach is a novel that will keep you hooked until the end wanting more, but not sure of what.

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Author Alisa Perederey
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 174 pages
Publisher Mirador Publishing
Publish Date 4-Nov-15
ISBN 9781911044185 Buy this Book
Issue February 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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