Satellite Street

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Paul Marden is a man inhabiting a shattered existence. His previous year was spent battling a mysterious malady that nearly killed him. His body is still in recovery, his mind just as much. His solitary life consists of living in a home affected by Superstorm Sandy, the house being one of the few on his block not condemned. Besides his pain (internal and external), he has been informed about his father’s deteriorating condition. Paul’s estranged step-sister is no longer willing to be responsible for Paul’s father’s long term care. Paul’s relationship with his father is tough for even Paul to put into words, but situations soon force his hand in assuming control of his father’s care.

Paul’s life takes a turn when he meets a familiar face at a movie screening in town. A childhood acquaintance, then known as Arthur Connors, has now become Lelee, a transgender individual. Lelee and Paul reconnect over their past, growing up in Rockaway. Lelee is soon comfortable enough to reveal to Paul that she can commune with the deceased. The new developments in Paul’s life intersect when his father randomly turns up seeking Paul. Paul takes his father to a screening of a movie, where Lelee happens to be. Paul’s father soon assaults a local TV personality and is taken into custody. Paul now must find a new facility that will house and care for his father, as his decline is becoming advanced. A trip back to Rockaway with Lelee opens up long-closed doors, not involving Paul directly, but with a restless spirit looking for redemption.

The spirit speaks to Paul through Lelee and explains that the attack on the TV personality was not truly Paul’s father’s fault. He was being used as a vessel for revenge. The TV personality, “The Great Oswaldo” uses his medium to attack alleged frauds in the paranormal, spiritual realm. However, he had previously wielded his soapbox to slander a radio personality and drive him out of his job. Now Oswaldo seeks to destroy Lelee and her work as a medium. Paul is sought to help exorcise past demons and his friend.

Satellite Street is a moving and interesting drama that sucks the reader in rapidly. The author deftly narrates a compelling narrative where past and present collide in the life of the protagonist. Paul has survived a near brush with death but still lacks vitality. His role in aiding both the spirit and Lelee and taking over his father’s care revitalizes his existence. Eleanor Lerman’s work provides a spark for the soul. A most enjoyable read.

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Author Eleanor M Lerman
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 217 pages
Publisher The Permanent Press
Publish Date 2019-09-30
ISBN 0978157962575 Buy this Book
Issue January 2020
Category Popular Fiction


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