Say Goodbye and Goodnight

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Say Goodbye and Goodnight is the story of Anthony, an Italian teenager living in Brooklyn in the 1970s with his parents and older brother. In an Italian household, there are many family traditions followed and expected to be honored compared to other nationalities. This concept shows itself in various circumstances throughout the story. Anthony is a boxer, working his way up the ladder as he quickly gains experience. Boxing is a big part of his life, but out of nowhere, a special girl becomes an even bigger part. In this story, Anthony experiences his most heartfelt summer thus far. Heartbreak, love, lust, and revenge all play a role in his life. After the senseless death of a loved one, he joins forces in the communal hatred directed at a rival gang to prove that, especially with Brooklyn Italians, nobody messes with their people in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, a murderer is running rampant close to their stomping grounds. Amid everything happening, Anthony will need to use his willpower to keep his love from dictating important parts of his life.

It’s the 1970s in Brooklyn, New York. Many things are different in this decade than in our present time. For one, PC (politically correct) terminology is not as common, but people’s thoughts and actions are the same throughout the decades. In the story, there are many parts when cursing and the usage of politically incorrect words are present. There are also scenes of violence and sexuality. The author makes it clear that Italian girls/women know just how to dress to make themselves the eye of every man around. The violence is from the boxing matches as well as other random fights that are inevitable with testosterone and pride raging. It’s not surprising that there are scenes of sex and sexual tension given the characters’ ages. The story reads well; it’s easy to follow what’s happening and immerse yourself in the characters, especially the main one, Anthony. There are some select Italian words included in the text, as well as some from other nationalities; I found this enjoyable, to learn the authentic way in which different nationalities speak. The story is told from Anthony’s perspective; Ruggerio realistically writes Anthony’s narrative by including Anothony’s thoughts alongside his words and actions. Anthony seems like the type of person you would want to know in real life, and the romance he experiences during this particular summer is one that every individual will wish to experience in their lifetime. This story will be enjoyed by romantics as well as readers who like a good story including a likable Italian boxer.

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Author David Ruggerio
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 204 pages
Publisher Black Rose Writing
Publish Date 2020-06-11
ISBN 9781684334933
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Issue June 2020
Category Romance


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