Scourged Souls

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Scourged Souls is nothing short of a masterpiece. It takes the reader back in time to the American Civil War. What I really enjoyed about this book is that it gives the reader the perspective of both sides of the war, from the viewpoints of both Union and Confederate soldiers, their families, and their friends.

The book starts off with two friends, Will Braunhoff and Sam Tillet, who hunt for squirrels and sell them to the local hotel. Growing up together at the foot of Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia, the innocence of these two boys sets the tone of the calm before the storm. Will’s father is from Ohio and owns the local general store in Georgia. The story switches back and forth from the points of view of the people of the southern states and the northern states. In Illinois and Ohio, the Union is drafting young men for the war and headed to Georgia to infiltrate the south. In Illinois, we meet Nell, who is set to marry Robert. She lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkerson. Mr. Wilkerson decides to lead a group of soldiers into war, including Nell’s fiancee. We also meet Auggie, who is from Ohio. This is probably my favorite part of the story in the book. Auggie’s strong will to fight for what is right is what makes him decide to fight in the war. Against his parent’s wishes, he tells them that he wants to enlist. His parents, immigrants from Germany, tell him that they came to the States to give him and his brother a better life, not to send them into a deathtrap. Auggie goes to war anyway. As the story progresses, there are several letters exchanged between him and his parents that will break any parent’s heart. His big heart and good character make the reader cheer for him no matter what side of the war you are rooting for.

Scourged Souls is a book that I feel should be read in conjunction with any school curriculum on the Civil War. The story is easy to read but really makes the reader think more about the people behind the war, and not so much about the war itself. Does anyone ever really win in war? The sadness that is felt by both sides in this story is overwhelming and brought tears to my eyes. The amount of horror and death and destruction this war caused is immeasurable. Poignant and thought-evoking with purpose, this book belongs on everyone’s shelf.

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Author Keith Niles Corman
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 126 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet
Publish Date
ISBN 0978194998182
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Issue January 2020
Category Historical Fiction


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