Sharing the Stage: Georgie Dupree

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Sharing the Stage is the third book in the Georgie Dupree series, and each book brings a new social-emotional lesson for children to learn. Georgie auditions for the school play but gets disappointed when she is not cast as the lead. She thinks her parents will be disappointed that she is not the star and really wanted extra special attention from her teachers and classmates. Georgie learns that she has a few options to shine, even though she did not get the leading role. She chooses to help with the set designs so that her artistic skills can be seen throughout the entire play. Her parents and teachers are proud of her for “looking on the bright side,” and she feels proud of herself for focusing her star power in different ways.

A lot of children ages four to eight will be able to relate to Georgie’s desire to shine. She lets out her feelings of disappointment for not getting the lead role, but instead of staying upset, she chooses a proactive way to showcase her many talents. I believe Georgie’s perseverance and optimistic attitude will encourage young readers to look for other opportunities when they don’t get their way.

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Author Ceece Kelley,Chloe Guevara
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Soaring Kite Books
Publish Date 02-Aug-2022
ISBN 9781953859310
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Issue September 2022
Category Children's