Skyward Flight: The Collection: Sunreach, ReDawn, Evershore (The Skyward Series)

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FM is tired of losing everyone she loves. She feels like they are stuck in this war. But then she makes a shocking discovery that could turn the tide of the war. Alanik is a cytonic who hyper jumps to Detritus. She comes to get the humans to help free her people. Jorgen has just had the worst thing happen to him since Spensa leaving, losing people he loves. Instead of giving in, he carries on and goes on a mission to get Cobb and Gran-Gran back on an alien planet. Will he be able to keep it together to succeed in the mission or let his grief get in the way?

I would rate FM’s and Jorgen’s stories five stars and Alanik’s four and a half stars. The tension dropped a bit and sometimes things were harder to understand because Alanik is an alien. I would highly recommend these novellas over Cytonic in the Skyward series. The plots were well developed, the characters great, and the worlds well designed. I recommend this for anyone aged twelve and up who loves great sci-fi novels.

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Author Brandon Sanderson
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 640 pages
Publisher Delacorte Press
Publish Date 05-Apr-2022
ISBN 9780593567852 Buy this Book
Issue June 2022
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy