Lee’s early years were a whirlwind of excitement, marked by her journeys to various cities, as her parents were adventurous folks. The beauty of these travels lay in the opportunity to immerse herself in diverse cultures and religions and meet different people. Her book, a collection of poems, serves as a canvas for her perspectives on life, spirituality, societal dilemmas, and animals. Among all the poems, one particularly resonated with me: a tale of an elephant in captivity, cherished by onlookers for her graceful swaying. The elephant, under the care of a man named Matthew, although it is living quite comfortably, yearns for more and is haunted by memories of her kin and dreams of freedom. This book prompts contemplation on the detrimental impact of captivity, such as that found in zoos, on the animals. Each poem in the collection is told with engaging stories that will make you smile, ponder for a minute, or get emotional. The account of Lee’s encounter with the Dalai Lama captivated me because I had read about him and was quite fascinated by him. While some may find poetry less enthralling than prose, I assure you that this collection is an exception. I can … Continue reading SOULSCAPES

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