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Space Corp: A Science Fiction Thriller begins an ambitious new series focused on humanity’s first tentative steps into the cosmos.

In the not too distant future, space junk clutters Earth’s orbit. SpaceCorp, a private space company, seeks to make low-Earth orbit habitable for space stations. While grappling with obstacles in space, new threats arise on Earth. America’s enemies target the burgeoning space stations, perform serial assassinations, and attempt to bring the nation to its knees. Humanity struggles to prevent itself from collapsing while reaching for the stars. But despite all that’s been achieved, there’s much more to do before there can be any hope of realistically surviving away from Earth.

The setting works well, with a fragmented America on the verge of a civil war or complete collapse. Other nations fare about the same, with only SpaceCorp working diligently toward the betterment of all humanity. All of which is too close to reality for comfort, but there is a glimmer of hope. SpaceCorp’s mission doesn’t just benefit America or SpaceCorp’s employees, but all of Earth. They want to clear a spot out and lay the groundwork for humanity to dust itself off and pull itself towards a better future.

Interestingly, the narrative is driven forward by science and technology instead of characters. SpaceCorp serves as a stand-in for science/technology, but the ideas and concepts definitely propel the plot forward. This is both good and bad. The writing shines whenever delving deep into the specifics and technical details of the how and why. However, the density of information verges on overload. It’s well done, but there’s so much of it that the story bogs down and spins in place for a bit before advancing forward.

Dialogue also shines whenever discussing or contemplating the science. Characters converse naturally and engagingly in these instances. However, conversation suffers greatly whenever topics veer away from the compelling science, technology, or politics of space.

The biggest issue is the lack of connection between the reader and the plot. None of the characters are vivid enough to care about or root for. The material and topics are interesting but seem better suited to a textbook or non-fiction essay collection. As a story, it’s difficult to power through, despite the fascinating scientific concepts and scary outlook for humanity’s future.

SpaceCorp kicks off a hard-sci-fi series by detailing the processes and plan humanity needs to follow in order to achieve a realistic expansion off Earth. Incredibly detailed and written with intelligent passion, the narrative builds a fascinating story that’s heavy on fact disguised in a decent science-fiction adventure.

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Author Ejner Fulsang
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 351 pages
Publisher Aarhus Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Jan-15
ISBN 9780991324354
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Issue July 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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