Spiritual Fear Factor

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There are many different types of religions. There are many different types of fear. Put them together and different religions will tell you what fear is, how to handle it, or what it will get you in your life. Spiritual Fear Factor by Tim Abraham tackles the topic of fear, terrorism, and obedience to God. Using current events, terrorist attacks such as September 11th, and even television shows, Abraham shows readers how fear comes in many forms and that fear of the world around us compared to the fear that is referred to in the Bible are not necessarily the same. Through wit, Bible verses, his interpretation, and encouraged personal reflection by the reader, Abraham breaks down how fearing God is not a bad thing but a simple four point process which is necessary to embrace in order to reach eternal salvation.

Spiritual Fear Factor is a witty, easy to read book for audiences who are looking to understand Christianity and perhaps invite Jesus Christ into their hearts while also covering the fear of God for the right reasons. His opening uses references to the popular television show Fear Factor, as well as a very popular haunted house in Niagara Falls. This, combined with lighthearted footnotes throughout the book that keep readers engaged, make this one book on religion that is easily understood. The James 1:22 Challenge at the end of each chapter also helps keep the readers engaged and offers the opportunity for reflection. Overall, Tim Abraham shares his interpretation of fear in real life and in the biblical sense, explains how the two can be misunderstood, and offers his four point process for how to fear God in a way that allows him into your heart. For anyone looking for guidance on this topic, Spiritual Fear Factor is one to read.

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Author Tim Abraham
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Xulon Press
Publish Date
ISBN 9781498471411
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Issue August 2016
Category Religion


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