Starlight Enclave: A Novel

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Starlight Enclave begins two years after the events of Relentless. The lands seem at peace, but civil war still looms in Menzoberranzan and Jarlaxle wants to ensure the cult of Lolth is overthrown for good. To this end, he heads to the far north seeking unique aid. With him are Zaknafein, Entreri, and Catti-brie. A world away, Drizzt is taking his youngling to see Grandmaster Kane. When Kimmuriel and a small contingent from Bregan D’aerthe join him, the ranger is given much food for thought.

Drizzt’s solitary musings always give me much to ponder, and how he views things resonates with the beliefs I’ve long carried. With Starlight Enclave, Salvatore is giving us a grey version of the drow, long reviled as universally evil. We see they are a culture as varied as our own. Likewise, we are invited to ponder our own beliefs on race, religion, and spirituality, and why we embrace them.

I adored the banter between Jarlaxle, Entreri, and Zak. All three have long been favorite characters of mine, and they’ve truly blossomed! The sarcasm is priceless, as is the group’s utter confusion at being in a place where the sun never really sets.

Highly recommended!!

Author R. A. Salvatore
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 03-Aug-2021
ISBN 9780063029774 Buy this Book
Issue September 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy