String’s Cross

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String’s Cross is a unique blending of styles. The reader is taken through three generations of peace, war, and relationships between individuals and diverse groups vying for their place in the world. Throughout String’s Cross there will be moments when the reader is unsure of the content and intent of the book. Is it fiction, autobiography, historical fiction, creative nonfiction, or all of the above? The story is woven together with strands of many of these elements. Does this method of writing ultimately enhance the story? I’d have to say no, but add that an author who has the chutzpa to try a new approach to storytelling deserves a certain amount of credit.

The main character, String, moves through childhood into adolescence within a supportive family. His activities are mostly typical of a young man who was born in the 1920s. Events take a sharp turn into a most interesting time when it becomes clear that his intellect is well above average, having helped shape the future of today’s computers. This portion of the story could have been developed into a stand-alone book in itself. I doubt there would be any objection to Guri P. Essen writing an in-depth account of how computers found their way into our lives. His first-hand involvement in their evolution makes for fascinating ruminations by the author. I would have enjoyed learning more about this phase of String’s life.

Overall, the book is written with a command of history that succeeds in bringing to life events that appear mundane when encountered in traditional history books, not the least of which is the McCarthy Era. As String goes through the process of accusation, formal charges, and trial for speech, which was reported by a bystander as treasonous, the story unfolds in a way that illuminates this part of our history in a more personal way. Ultimately, String’s Cross is as informative and it is entertaining.

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Author Guri P Essen
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 354 pages
Publisher HeronDrivePress
Publish Date 11-Jul-15
ISBN 9780692420867 Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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