Supernatural – Cold Fire

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Unexplained murders are plaguing the town of Braden Heights, Indiana, as several men find their insides shredded and their eyes removed. The monster-hunting trio of Sam and Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel investigate, uncovering an unlikely connection: fatherhood. As the bodies pile up and the town’s secret history is revealed, Sam, Dean, and Cas face a serious threat, one with dire stakes for all of the families in Braden Heights.

Cold Fire is a poorly titled, but intriguing story about consequences and secrets. Dean’s one-liners are choice, and Cas’s subplot regarding his daughter Claire is well-executed, but unfortunately Sam fades into the background pretty quickly. Also it’s set during one of the most dour storylines in the show’s history — Dean’s losing battle with the Mark of Cain — which casts a bummer tone over the whole affair.

The monster is super-creepy, violent, and creative enough to engage fans who have seen all sorts of bitey-slashy creatures, but there’s so much going on with it — attacking men, feeding on babies, inducing comas in some and violent fits in others — that it starts to feel overpowered just to fill pages.

All in all, this is an uneven but entertaining read.

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Author John Passarella
Star Count /5
Format Mass
Page Count 334 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 29-Mar-2016
ISBN 9781781166758 Buy this Book
Issue June 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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