Swamp Creatures

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Swamp Creatures is a funny political satire on the Trump administration. Remember when Trump said during his election campaign that he would drain the swamp in Washington? Well, this book reminds us that not only did Trump not fulfill his election promise. Instead, Trump infested Washington by filling his administration with right-wing zealots and some of his most corrupt and greedy cronies. This book lists just some of Trump’s most notorious swamp friends and family members. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are mentioned in the book as Miss Complicit and Swamp Leech. My favorite is Mitch McConnell as a swamp slug! Most cartoon depictions of McConnell is him as a turtle because frankly, he looks like a turtle. You don’t usually think of slugs as evil, but I liked the slimy chin and neck jowls of McConnell as a slug. Daily saved the best for last with Trump as the swamp turd. Pee-ew! The artwork there was lacking though. Trump didn’t look gross enough as a piece of turd overflowing the toilet.

The past four years, the Trump administration has been filled with so much lying and chaos and dysfunction that I had forgotten about some of the things that have happened under the current administration. This book is a funny read of all the crazy, corrupt, greedy, deceitful, illegal messes Trump has put America through. For me, this book is a clear reminder of all the lies he’s told America and all the shady back door dealings he’s done to enrich his own pockets while America suffers. There were some swamp creatures I had completely forgotten about. There has been such a high turnover rate in the current administration that it was difficult to keep track of all those coming and going. I had forgotten about the swamp slob (who’s supposed to be Matthew Whitaker), and the cartoon depiction of him is pretty gnarly and grotesque. Though I think he looks more like a blob than a slob. I forgot Matthew Whitaker was AG before William Barr since he only held the position for four months.

I don’t really like politics, and I generally don’t like reading about politics because a lot of it can be boring. However, I enjoyed this book and found it entertaining. Especially during this time of unrest and uncertainty, I wanted to read something that would make me laugh a little. The book was a fast and easy read, and it was incredibly funny seeing some of our elected officials depicted as slugs, snakes, and zombies. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes politics and dislikes Trump. And if you don’t like politics, but enjoy some lighthearted satire, definitely give this book a try.

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Author Graham Daily
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
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ISBN 0000072420202
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Issue July 2020
Category Current Events & Politics


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