TADA’s Revolution: Mischief in Miniature

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Here is an unusual art eBook featuring the artistry of which artist Susan Chi obviously devoted a tremendous amount of time to create. Tada’s Revolution consists of photographs of scenes of twenty-four small stuffed animal characters, each one crocheted, outfitted and groomed to imitate human characters and in human environment. Tada is one of the characters, a vintage mohair panda bear. Chi presents seventy-three scenes, some related, like spring cleaning day (three scenes) others a continuing story as Diablo’s reign of terror (seven scenes). The scenes Chi outfitted with a large number of tiny pieces like furniture, books, flower, decorations, everything we may find in our own places. They are very cute, very adorable. But who did Chi envision as readers and viewers? Seems like we may leaf through the book once, enjoy it and put it aside.

This reviewer’s copy is an eBook, even worse for prolonged enjoyment but the hardcover copy is also rather small. Chi considers her project a “continually changing and expanding art project that chronicles the everyday life and adventures of stuffed animals living in a fantastical miniature toy world.” Chi’s art may be more enjoyable as an exhibit rather than an eBook.

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Author Susan Chi
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher teNeues
Publish Date 15-May-2016
ISBN 9783832733667
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Issue June 2016
Category Architecture & Photography


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