The Antiquities Dealer

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The Antiquities Dealer is a book about an antiquities dealer who finds his life in danger while trying to recover an ancient object of great importance to the world. The object in question is the nail that was hammered into the feet of Jesus Christ on the cross. Various people are in search of this nail. David the protagonist is coerced into searching for the nail by two conflicting parties. He doesn’t know which of them he should trust.

This book began at a very high note and gradually slowed down as I immersed myself deeper in the story. I felt that that the author could have told the story with fewer descriptions. There were also a few wasted characters that did not advance the plot.

The storyline has potential but the characters could do with a bit of improvement. The author also misses an opportunity to tell the story from the other character’s perspective; he focuses mainly on the protagonist inadvertently making the reader lose interest in all other characters. I rate this book 3 out of 5.

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Author Ed Protzel
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 300 pages
Publisher TouchPoint Press
Publish Date 2018-Nov-05
ISBN 9781946920508
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Issue February 2019
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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