The Arrangement: A Novel

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The Arrangement by Ashley Warlick is a historical fiction piece that gives readers an inside view of one woman’s life. Love, passion, intrigue—all brilliantly written for readers to enjoy. A woman who has a passion for writing and is married to one man but falls in love with his best friend. The novel is exciting because it happens around a fascinating historical moment in time. Ashley Warlick brings readers a female character who is strong, independent, and hard working. It’s hard not to love the main character. The character’s personality is a bit bold and sassy for a woman during this time period but fits in perfectly with the fictional plot that Ashley Warlick masterfully weaves for readers’ enjoyment. What happens on this one woman’s journey as her heart goes back and forth between two loves and her career is something readers must read to figure out on their own.

The Arrangement takes readers deep on a journey of self-discovery, love, and a promising future. The novel is steady paced yet fast-paced in certain scenes and highly suspenseful. Ashley Warlick brings a sensually exciting read to her audience. A woman’s novel that everyone can enjoy and be sucked into from the first page onward.

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Author Ashley Warlick
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Viking
Publish Date 09-Feb-2016
ISBN 9780525429661
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Issue June 2016
Category Popular Fiction


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