The Astronaut’s Son

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Our past events, the traumas, they come back to haunt us in mysterious ways. Things you thought you were over and that you could live with will come back to haunt you and bite you in the keister when you least suspect it. The death of a family member is never easy to get over, not when it feels like there’s unfinished business. This is the situation that Jonathan Stein, CEO of Apollo Aeronautics, son of Avi Stein finds himself in. Destined to go to the moon, even with a faulty heart, Jonathan must face the circumstances and mysterious elements behind his father’s sudden death, years later. In the Astronaut’s Son, Jonathan had thought he’d accepted his father’s death as any sudden heart attack, but as his buttons are pushed by articles rising online on a lunar hoax website, he finds maybe that there is some truth behind the theory that his father’s death was a planned murder. He has to make peace with it, find the answers, before he’s destined to go to the moon himself. The Astronaut’s Son is a very compelling book that will have you reading until the very last page, following Jonathan as he’s trying to put the pieces together.

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Author Tom Seigel
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 232 pages
Publisher Woodhall Press
Publish Date 2018-Sep-18
ISBN 9780997543780
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Issue December 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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