The Boomerang Effect

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Lawrence Barry is pretty content with his chill life. He and his stoner friends are livin’ the good life, and thanks to his dad’s powerful law firm, Lawrence never has to worry about getting in trouble. However, it all changes when the school principal threatens to send Lawrence to reform school if he doesn’t clean up his act. Soon Lawrence finds himself forced into being a student mentor for the new nerdy exchange student, and he begins to enjoy things that he could never do around the cool, ever-judging crowd he usually hangs out with. Just when his hooligan lifestyle is finally coming to an end, Lawrence is framed for the prank of the century at school. This time, Daddy Lawyer can’t get him out of things, and his “friends” don’t seem to be true buds anymore. It’s up to Lawrence to get himself out of the mess this time, and he begins to learn who he really is.
Author Gordon Jack has done a solid job of crafting a novel that’s genuinely relatable for middle to high school boys. With a relatively narrow intended audience, this book is not for everyone. Foul language and topics of drugs/alcohol are included in the plot, so think twice before giving your eight-year-old daughter this book. Warnings aside, Boomerang is a hilarious and relevant book about the modern adolescent’s universal struggle to fit in. The plot is well-developed, including side stories of the main character’s parents, his crush, his foreign exchange student, and others. All of the mini-tales come together coherently, and the end result is a dynamic and enjoyable story. The subtly didactic book effectively portrays what it’s like to find out who you are, who your real friends are, and how different life is when you stop worrying what others think.

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Author Gordon Jack
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher HarperTeen 
Publish Date 2016-Nov-08
ISBN 9780062399397 Buy this Book
Issue January 2017
Category Young Adult


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