The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success: Overcoming Myths that Hinder Progress

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There are people agitating that we need to do something about climate change, and other people believe that nothing needs to be done since climate change is just a hoax. Professor Mark Jaccard looks at things that can be done. Dr. Jaccard feels that there is hope and that we can do something before it becomes too late, and it offers ways that making a few key changes then we are on the right track. The other area Professor Jaccard focuses on is electing leaders who are climate-sinecure from those that are insincere.

While it is nice to get a book like this, I feel like it has been written before. People who read magazines on the left, and listen to left-leaning television stations a lot of this information will feel the same. I do not want to say Dr. Jaccard is preaching to the choir, but if the only people who read his book are those that believe in climate change then that is what he is doing. The question becomes now is how to reach those that are climate change deniers and those that live in rural communities who might not have access to this book.

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Author Mark Jaccard
Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 296 pages
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publish Date 2020-01-31
ISBN 9781108742665
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Issue January 2020
Category Current Events & Politics


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