The Crow’s Nest

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Life on the open seas can be rough and unforgiving. The fishing industry, depending on the season and area fished, is capable of bringing riches or disappointment. Chase Brenner works as an assistant engineer on the Bella, a fishing vessel seeking mainly tuna in the Pacific Ocean. Chase is a husband and father of two young children; his months away at sea leave him longing for his family in the worst way. However, two months of successful fishing will net him a princely sum, which will help support his family. Events unfolding a little further out to sea will soon create complications for Chase and the rest of the Bella.

Jonny is a ship captain waiting on his own big payday. Jonny is involved in more illicit operations, which provide more danger than the shifting seas. Jonny is privy to a high-tech drug smuggling operation that is being run by the head of a powerful drug cartel named El Cuervo. Jonny puts a plan into motion where he would reap the benefits of some misplaced cocaine, yet plans go awry when El Cuervo appoints his chief enforcer to aid in locating the missing drugs. The cartel also plans to utilize the Bella in the recovery of the loot. The crew of the Bella is informed of their task, yet not told everything by their captain. This could ultimately prove fatal for all involved.

El Cuervo has cemented his reputation in the Mexican underworld. His rise was spurred by revenge, yet his staying power is a result of his intellect and calculated maneuvering. The retrieval of the missing drugs is paramount to the integrity of El Cuervo’s organization. The loss of money on the scuttled shipment is only part of the quandary. Any perceived weakness from friend or foe could lead to his removal from the organization. The stage is set for a possible showdown on the open water, where hiding places are few and far between.

The Crow’s Nest is supreme fun on the high seas. The characters are an eclectic group, from troubled ex-sailor Chase to the rogue captain Jonny to the deadly enforcer Cuda to cartel chieftain El Cuervo. The backstories that are supplied to each character draws the reader in thoroughly. Author Richard Meredith utilizes his knowledge of the ocean and initiates the reader into nautical terminology and life on the ocean. He has penned a suspenseful thriller which delivers in every way. A+ read.

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Author Richard Meredith
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 293 pages
Publisher Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC
Publish Date
ISBN 9781945181832
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Issue October 2020
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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