The Damned of Petersburg: A Novel

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The Damned of Petersburg by Ralph Peters is an extraordinary novel taking readers deep into the heart of Civil War. Ralph Peters has masterfully captured each and every detail and organized his writing to relive the memorable moments in history. This is a novel all readers should read no matter what their preferred genre is. This story doesn’t feel real just because it was based on historical facts, but because of Peters’ talented writing. I experienced the memories and daily lives of some of the men during this era. It was fascinating from page one and still captivated me until the ending.

The Damned of Petersburg, brings to life, the lives, hardships, and bravery of the men who fought during the Civil War. Famous men such as Grant, Lee, Winfield Scott Hancock and many others will come to life as readers turn the pages. Ralph Peters has created a world that lures readers in from the beginning. It’s fascinating how history can show us how cruel life really was and what those moments might have been like. Peters wrote The Damned of Petersburg in a way to remember everyone, and not just the officers with special ranks. Warfare in its purest form is brought to readers everywhere.

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Author Ralph Peters
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Forge Books
Publish Date 2016-06-28
ISBN 9780765374066
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Issue July 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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