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The Eclipsing of Sirus C

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In the science fiction novel, The Eclipsing of Sirus C by Daniel B. Hunt, Marine Captain Jean Joyce proudly and dutifully serves the Federation in their fight against the Consortium. Severely injured in battle, Jean is promoted to Major and assigned a desk job. Itching to get back into the action, she is surprisingly approached by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence and Insurgency (BII) for a special mission. She is needed to work on a team to retrieve what is believed to be alien intelligence on an asteroid mining field. However, this mission is two-fold, because she needs to locate her brother Rafe, a Federation deserter and computer whiz, to accomplish the mission. Torn between duty to the Federation and her anger and resentment towards her deserter brother, Jean accepts the mission. Jean joins the team as a member, not the leader. Captain Estury, the leader, BII operative Danner Tomblin, technician Akemi Murakami and Jean set off on their mission. Finding Rafe and convincing him to help with the promise of a clean slate proves to be the easiest part of this mission. Once the team locates the Core, believed to hold alien information, allegiance will be questioned, as well as why this mission was so important to the Federation. The closer they get to what they need the more danger they face and the mission changes from retrieval to survival.

The Eclipsing of Sirus C is a true science fiction novel. Hunt does an excellent job of creating and describing a futuristic world that will not only entertain audiences but draw them into the story. The main character, Jean Joyce, is a female character that is both strong and commanding, as well as vulnerable and compassionate. This will appeal to female Science Fiction fans. The story is fast paced, which adds to the story’s appeal; however, it does not slow down as it ends, which causes the conclusion of the story and any loose ends to conclude almost too quickly. Overall, Hunt has created a Science Fiction world that should be visited!

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Daniel B. Hunt
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232 pages
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April 2016
Science Fiction & Fantasy

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April 2016

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232 pages

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Daniel B. Hunt



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“The Eclipsing of Sirus C”

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