The Funny Robbers

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There are times when we read a humor book and think: Wait, this can’t happen in real life?! Not for this novel, though. This one had me breaking out in fits for its entire length. The Funny Robbers begins with the disappointing lives of four comedians, David Walker, Carrot Top (CT), Pauly Ocean, and Jon Lott, who are being reprimanded by their manager, Carl. To get them back in the spotlight, Carl manages to score them a gig at a local fundraiser, Feed the Dolphins. Trouble begins when David’s opening line “Is this event the biggest load of bullshit you’ve seen in your life?” manages to piss off security. A minor skirmish between the comedians and the security guards is caught on video and goes viral on YouTube.

Unaware of this, Carl gets the troupe going on a tour where they have shows in small towns. Accompanied by Carl’s son, Carter, and a crazy, yet smart, old Pepo, the group has an uneventful first show with little audience. When CT is asked to play a clown at a birthday party for $300, the others join in for fun. Upon returning, CT goes to the Chesterfield National Bank to cash his check. Still in his clown costume, the bank staff presumes he’s a robber and hand him two bags full of cash and ask for mercy. Confused, with his trousers stuck in a chair, he manages to escape but with the bags of cash. He comes back dazed and with a lost phone. Upon contact by the CEO of the bank, the comedians meet with Chapman Foster, who asks them to rob the bank’s branches of each city in their tour; Foster misuses his bank insurance to abuse TARP funds. And so the four comedians become accidental robbers.

Follow their adventures as they rob banks wearing clown masks! Do they get caught? Or do they sleep on a bed of dollars? Read on to find out!

The situations they encounter are sometimes so hilarious, just imagining them breaks one out in laughs–not to mention the wisdom and wild ways of Pepo. Dan O’Leary has sprinkled the book with funny one-liners and hilarious situations, making for an excellent read when the Monday Blues kick in.

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Author Brian Evans and Dan O'Leary
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 216 pages
Publisher EO BOOKS
Publish Date 22-Jun-15
ISBN 9781483555973 Buy this Book
Issue September 2015
Category Humor-Fiction


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