The Great Cactus War

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The spread of humankind across the globe as well as the increasing interconnectedness of our society has led to all sorts of unexpected environmental consequences, particularly when it comes to plant and animal life finding itself in places evolution and geography never intended. Some of these stories you know, but unless you know your Australian history, it’s unlikely that The Great Cactus War is a familiar tale to you.

Domico’s marvelous and meticulously researched book on the most devastating plant invasion in Australia’s history — and perhaps all of history — covers the science, the economics, and most importantly, the incredibly poor choices behind the mind-boggling decades-long battle with a hardy strain of cactus.

The fact that the consequences of not only the initial meddling that brought the cactus invasion to life, but the other efforts to contain it, including poisons and the introduction of other invasive species, are still being felt worldwide today. That alone would make this a worthwhile read.

But when you factor in the greed, the ineptitude, and the goofiness of some of the suggested solutions to the problem, you’ve got a history text for the ages. The Great Cactus War would pep up any history class, science class, or social studies class.

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Author Terry Domico
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 349 pages
Publisher Green Flash Books
Publish Date 2018-08-15
ISBN 9781883385170
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Issue Mar-19
Category History


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