The History of Philosophy

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The History of Philosophy tells of the long search for the truth through rational means. In it, A.C. Grayling, an author and professor from Britain, seeks answers to the following questions: What is? What matters?

This exploration is thousands of years old, starting in detail with the philosophers of Ancient Greece. After the ancients, the history continues with Medieval and Renaissance philosophy, modern philosophy, twentieth century philosophy, and Asian, Arabic, and African philosophy. There is also an Appendix about logic. Those philosophers who have withstood the test of time are included, as are the key movements and theories.

Grayling does a better job of recounting the achievements of individuals. Their philosophy and anecdotes about their lives and times are included. The book becomes more difficult with its discussions of philosophical or cultural movements. There is also a brief mention of some of this community who could fall by the wayside as time wears on. There are some subjects introduced but left for other places, such as postmodernism and feminist philosophy.

The book is a lot to absorb, but it will serve as a useful reference book for both the serious and the dabbler. This intellectual journey is interesting, inspiring, challenging, and at times, convoluted.

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Author A. C. Grayling
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 704 pages
Publisher Penguin Press
Publish Date 2019-11-05
ISBN 9781984878748
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Issue January 2020
Category Philosophy


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