The Hunter: Awakening

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A beast is on a mission for a book that holds all the answers. The hiding spot is a cavern in the hills of Los Angeles. We cut to Chris, a responsible, mature businessman who is involved with Melisa, a young prominent doctor. Their relationship has not gone over well with Chris’ family, and both families are unaware that Melisa is pregnant. Melisa wants Chris to spend more time with her, especially while she is in her early stages of pregnancy. As soon as Chris goes to work, all hell breaks loose. A mysterious man falls from the hills onto Melisa’s property, and she attempts to help him but is taken aback by his aggressive actions and lack of sense in speaking. She calls the authorities, who take the man to a hospital. She is drawn to this man, but she also feels something change in herself, which she chalks up to her pregnancy. She seeks to take charge of the man’s care. She notices that he has healed miraculously. Meanwhile, a young man attempts to pawn a rare blade that he has found while exploring a cavern in the hills. The blade was found in a man’s chest. Meanwhile, Chris has joined his brothers at their nightclub where we soon discover that Chris is not who he seems to be. His relationship with Melisa and their pending parenthood may alter him forever. Chris has unresolved issues with his father and ne’er-do-well brother Alex that threaten to upend his life. Chris is part of a pack of werewolves, and they possess the ability to heal quickly from injuries. They are capable of passing their gift on to their offspring, which shortens their own life. Chris is torn as to when to tell Melisa. Events spiral out of control as a mysterious visitor named Ranald soon emerges to relay word of the awakening of a monster known as The Hunter. Melisa, while ignorant of other goings on, notices that her body is undergoing changes not exclusive to maternity. Chris’s brother Alex is attempting a power play to take control of the pack that involves a gangland war and turning certain people into his own pets. As all these forces collide, one wonders who will emerge unscathed?

The Hunter is an excellent thriller that is not your run-of-the-mill werewolf-vampire tale. The humanity that lies even within one considered a monster is soul-deep. The plot twists and turns are well paced and written. It’s a new twist on an older monster genre.

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Author Nicholas Arriaza
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 322 pages
Publisher Rio Dulce Books
Publish Date 2017-Mar-22
ISBN 0097809987933
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Issue April 2017
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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