The Iconoclast’s Journal

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Grif Smolders disappears the night he marries the beautiful and enigmatic Avice Drinkwater, a woman of more cunning and intellect than those around her who had chosen Grif for his good looks after spying him behind the counter of the store in which he worked. What should have been their first night of wedded bliss, however, becomes the beginning of a great adventure for Grif and Avice’s transformation in The Iconoclast’s Journal by Terry Griggs.

As Grif attempts to escape his new wife and all the expectations that come with being a married man, Avice is forced to reconsider who she will be as a woman left not at the altar but directly after it. Grif’s flight from fidelity is born from fear: an apparition of ball lightning all but chases him out of the hotel in which he and Avice are to spend their first night together. From there, he embarks on an adventure that is driven by and recorded in the iconoclast’s journal, a small book he unknowingly stole along with the frock coat of a clergyman.

At sea and on land, Grif encounters characters like those in the picaresque novels of Defoe, Twain, or Fielding. The misadventures are comical, a bit dark, and twisted enough to, at times, make the book a bit hard to follow. It is the reunion of Avice and Grif, at the book’s midway point, however, that makes staying with the story so worthwhile.

If rollicking nineteenth century adventure coupled with the oddities that make a marriage are of interest to you, The Iconoclast’s Journal is a must read.

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Author Terry Griggs
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Biblioasis
Publish Date 2018-Jun-12
ISBN 9781771962292
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Issue November 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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