The Immortal Blood

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Abby Lane has gifted us with book three in the A Reign of Blood and Magic series after the excitement, adventure, and mystery of her first two novels. The Immortal Blood takes place not long after the events of the second novel, The Ebony Queen, and focuses on Queen Cynara and the possible repercussions of her previous actions. After her attack, the Queen is bedridden in her chamber, with outsiders left wondering what has happened. Queen Cynara receives an unexpected gift that she is unsure about from an old friend while lying incapacitated. Characters from the past come to light to satisfy readers’ curiosities and show the risks they are willing to take. It is a mystery how it will all turn out. So many themes make themselves known: gods, demons, love, lust, hate, and revenge; there is something for everyone.

Each character’s story is played out in their chapters, giving each their deserved attention throughout the book. Lane remarks that she has written The Immortal Blood as a standalone novel when compared with the previous two in the series, with proper explanations given to each character and their backstories. Reading this, I was pleased, as I have not read the first two novels; however, book three had a way of hooking me in, making me interested in checking out the first two novels to satisfy any lingering questions. Being the third book in the series but still self-contained, I did find myself wondering about past events that might have made better sense to me overall but were not completely necessary for me to know.

As stated by Lane in the author’s note, there are graphic chapters and references to past and present sexuality; given this information, the recommendation is for a mature audience. There is also some adult language throughout the book. That said, with the extreme popularity of medieval themes on television, there is little doubt that the storyline that continues throughout A Reign of Blood and Magic would be a hit and enjoyed worldwide on individual screens. The audience can read between the lines in parts of the story to discover similarities between the storyline and real life. Audience members interested in Greek mythology will also find enjoyable content with gods, goddesses, and demons.

The Immortal Blood has an eye-catching cover that is intriguing to outsiders; I could feel the tension in the picture and knew that something big was going to happen in the story. I know several fans of fantasy novels and A Reign of Blood and Magic will be a series that I will certainly recommend!

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Author Abby Lane
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 460 pages
Publisher SPK Publishing
Publish Date 26-Oct-2021
ISBN 9781777069971 Buy this Book
Issue November 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy