The Last Bastion of Civilization: Japan 2041, a Scenario Analysis

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Traditional readers will find, at first, the format of this novel to be unorthodox. The text is coordinated, in harmony, through a series of fictional, academic articles and papers bearing resemblance to those found in Google Scholar. However, this is a Science Fiction Fantasy work in the tradition of George Orwell’s 1984. Fact is the basis for good fiction. “Ominous” is the key word. Within the context of Andrew Blencowe’s text of “The 500 Year Rule,” the first segment is a paper by Jesus Galbraith on the subject of “The Rise Of The Japanese Super State (2010-2040).” The publication date of this article is January 16, 2041. And this single paper conveys that contemporary events may be ‘harbingers’ of future sociological and political travesties. For example, a true study is cited for revealing the U.S. government’s role in destroying the black family through neglect. As a result, there is an alarming rise in illegitimacy among blacks in the year 2018. The rate of such births exceeds 85% for blacks in contrast to 50% of white births as illegitimate. As a consequence of this travesty, the neglect of one group (blacks) impact upon a favored group (whites). At the same time, Japanese illegitimate births crested at a mere 4%. Japanese mothers devoted more time to the rearing of their offspring and enhancing the vocabulary of the children. This is central to the advancement of a child’s intelligence, according to the perspective of the experts.

The author uses concrete facts, and readers can follow the author’s arguments easily. “R**3: Robots Building Robots, A Colloquial History” (Harold Faraday) is a haunting inclusion in this book. Some of the realism of this segment prompts memories of the Luddite revolt, if readers truly absorb this treatise. The argument, here, attempts to balance the benefits of robots. The ‘Roomba’ is a contemporary device that frees one from vacuuming. The ‘Roomba’ is a robot. Another segment entitled “Hyper Violence in America: The “Wolfie” Phenomenon” is a forecast of uncontrolled, violence escalating the United States. The article proposes that social media will serve as a conduit for the “Wolfie” premise to spread. Readers may recall that evidence of crimes involving “punching vulnerable people in the face” for amusement were recorded on YouTube, at the end of the last Century. Fact meets futuristic proclamation here.

“The Birth and Death of The Euro” (Stephan Kurtz) is a particularly enlightening segment in this book. In 2015, the tattered Euro suffered under the weight of the decline of the Greek government. This segment/article, futuristically, outlines the development of the HRM, as opposed to the Euro, in the future.

This novel should be on the reading list for all academics. Sociologists, scientists, conservationists, and politicians should note this as required reading. Simply, this is a good book!

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Author Andrew Blencowe
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 194 pages
Publisher Hamilton Bay Publishing
Publish Date 2/11/2016
ISBN 9780947480028 Buy this Book
Issue February 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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