The Last Lumenian

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Growing up in the Crystal Palace as the heir of the king, Lilla knows what’s expected of her, but she’s a rebel at heart and is determined to forge her own path. She secretly befriends the refugees in Uhna, her homeland and the richest of the Seven Galaxies. They’re being held against their will by the ruling class, facing both oppression and maltreatment. Lilla lost her mother at age of five and yearns to learn more about the woman she once was. She discovers her mother fought for the refugees as>When Lilla and her friend Arrov set out to complete her first official mission, their spacecraft collides into an asteroid, causing devastating damage. They’re rescued by the Teryns, whose empire put more refugees in the camps than any other nation. They’re known enemies but wish to join forces with the inhabitants of Uhna in order to form a strong alliance. They believe it’s the only way forward in fighting the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction. He’s on the verge of starting another Era War, the last of which was a millennium ago, and caused widespread death of destruction.

As time progresses, Lilla receives a visit from the Lady, the Archgoddess of Eternal Light and Order, the mother all Lumenians. She informs Lilla her mother was one of her sacred children, a Lumenian. Now that she’s gone, Lilla is the only one that remains. It’s ultimately up to her to save her planet, as Lumenians are the only ones with the power to destroy the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction. Though she’s hesitant to enter the battle, she knows it’s the only way to preserve what is good and pure. With the artful use of the magical powers she possesses, she and the lead Teryns destroy the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction, saving countless others from certain death.

The Last Lumenian is an intriguing and entertaining story that’s sci-fi and fantasy with a sliver of romance trickling through it. Lilla and Callum, the general of the Teryns, are from disparate sides. Lilla’s from the wealthiest of galaxies, in which royalty and power reign; Callum is from a galaxy whose leaders sent more rebels to refugee camps than any other, and in which dominance is the aspiration. When they first meet as a result of a failed mission, contempt and distrust surrounds them. However, as time progresses, they realize they have more in common than they thought and may desperately need each other in the end. As the frequency of their encounters increase, they begin to fall in love and become the central figures in the tale. Their relationship adds depth to the text, humanizing it and captivating readers as the layers of it unfold.

This book is divided into nice, short, concise chapters, and though it spans just over 300 pages, it’s a relatively quick read. The author, S.G. Blaise, is masterful with her transitions, leaving just enough unsaid to keep readers on edge. She’s creative as well with blending a bit of predictability with an array of unexpected surprises. The ending chapter is satisfying and somewhat conclusive, though a sequel may not be out of the question.

The target audience for The Last Lumenian is adults, and females will likely favor it over males. With the exception of a love scene or two and some mild language, it’s appropriate for teens and young adults. It would be an ideal pick for children ages 10-12 if an adapted version were made available. They would likely find it a stimulating and engaging read and would be enthralled by the sci-fi and fantasy elements in it.

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Author S.G. Blaise
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 326 pages
Publisher Lilac Grove Entertainment LLC
Publish Date 2020-Jun-11
ISBN 9781734760569
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Issue January 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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