The Loathing

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A mercenary is viewed as a soldier for hire, a man of questionable loyalty. However, this is a misconception, as many times a mercenary is often seeking a new kind of battle. Maddox Hunter is a brawny Aussie with the steely nerve that served him well in the service and now in his employ with a Private Military Contractor. He and a motley assortment of soldiers of fortune are stationed in Pakistan, waiting for the next assignment, big on danger, bigger on plausible deniability. Hunter is loyal to the mission, and to his friends. He reveals his strength and loyalty when he comes to the aid of a squirrely CIA asset named Zander Butowski. He disarms armed men intent on ending Butowski. Unfortunately, this leaves Butowski free to double deal and put others at risk, unbeknownst to Hunter. Hunter and his team are tasked with the escorting of a high-value prisoner to the airport when an ambush frees the prisoner and results in the shaming of Hunter and his crew. The only way out of the doghouse is for Hunter and his wildcard friend AJ to embed with a WHO crew in Afghanistan and recapture the target.

Their task is fraught with danger, but the adrenalin runs deep within Hunter and AJ. They thrive on risk and ask for seconds. Hunter is slightly more cautious now, as he is involved in a serious relationship with a Doctor named Stella. She works for Doctors without Borders in Liberia, where she faces danger on a near-constant basis. Hunter and AJ are embroiled in a firefight when they attempt to take their prisoner back, their quarry being very important to the local terrorist leader. AJ is caught by enemy forces and is facing his own end when Hunter guns down the terrorists and they quickly escape with their lives and the elusive prisoner. However, one of the casualties sprawled out in the firefight is the young son of the terror scion. Revenge has been vowed, and Hunter is pinpointed to suffer. Soon, the gathering clouds of the war on terror will rain a fiery hell on the soldiers and others. Who will survive?

The Loathing is a pulse-pounding action thriller that rips into the reader from its inception. Author Wilder Nash carves a niche for himself with this well-plotted novel that entertains on all levels. The characters are many, but each page provides a laugh or a thrill that proves compelling. The book excels with a combination of thrills, dark humor, heart-rending moments that will have the reader ready for more. A great read for 2021.


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Author Wilder Nash
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 560 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 02-Apr-2021
ISBN 9781925999150
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Issue January 2021
Category Popular Fiction


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