The Monster Hunter Files

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Monsters of all sorts abound in The Monster Hunter Files from editors Larry Correia and Bryan Thomas Schmidt, which collects stories about Monster Hunter International, a group that hunts dangerous and mischievous beings. These were originally the tales of Larry Correia in a number of books, and more is on the way from him. He was later joined by John Ringo for another collection of Monster Hunter books. Here contained is an anthology from many different authors who take on the adventures of this international group that seeks to eradicate these dangerous beings. A great amount of creativity is displayed in these tales, which take you all over the place to meet many strange and dangerous things and those who would defend us from them. Correia and Schmidt have assembled many of the BAEN regulars, some of whom are famous in their own right.

The idea of the monster has not changed in this. These are not usually creatures that have resulted from natural selection and are trying to exercise their right to exist. Many of these things are the products of evil and some technological monsters created by man. Many revisit fantastical beings that have gone astray, but this is more of a horror anthology with unearthly forces. There are quick stories here for those who want an exciting time.

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Author Bryan Thomas Schmidt • Larry Correia, Editor
Star Count /5
Format Mass
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher Baen
Publish Date 2018-Sep-25
ISBN 9781481483520
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Issue February 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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