The Other Side of the Bridge

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A tantalizing meld of mystery and adventure, The Other Side of the Bridge by Camron Wright follows the lives of two characters who seemingly have nothing in common, but who seems bound by their destiny.

Katie Connelly works at the history department in San Francisco State University, and when she is asked to write a history of the Golden Gate Bridge, where her late father used to work as an ironman, she has no idea that she’d be setting out on an adventure. She’s grown up hearing stories of how her father tried to save the lives of jumpers at the bridge. Her investigation will uncover a secret journal in her father’s desk, a journal written obviously by a stranger and that speaks of ring and a distant love. Could this journal help her understand her difficult life? Can it provide the path to her ultimate freedom?

In New York, marketing professional Dave Riley suffers a devastating tragedy in his family, and, as he battles depression, a distant idea, one he’s caressed faintly, takes hold of him in a relentless manner and then suddenly he is sure of only one thing—ride his motorcycle across the Golden Gate Bridge on July 4th. But what awaits him across the bridge is the thing that will surprise readers.

Camron Wright has written a very engaging story and his excellent prose, coupled with the exciting dialogues, will have readers spellbound. This novel scores success at multiple levels, including the deft handling of character development, the balance in the narrative, and the expert use of suspense, which keeps readers turning pages nonstop, looking forward to the next dramatic moment in the story. The novel is cleverly plotted and executed with the cunning of a master storyteller. I couldn’t put it down.

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Author Camron Wright
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Shadow Mountain
Publish Date 06-Mar-2018
ISBN 9781629724102
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Issue June 2018
Category Modern Literature


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