The Plot to Save America – A Novel

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The Plot to Save America explores an alternative outcome of the 2021 United States Capitol attack, in which the attackers are successful in burning down the Capitol, and BLM activists are labeled as the perpetrators behind it. A Death Penalty Investigator has been assigned to investigate Stuart Tenison’s case as a traitor to the United States. After questioning him, the protagonist proceeds with his investigation by interviewing different individuals who were in contact with him before his arrest. Tension’s ex-wife, one of the first interviewees, explains that Tenison’s strong political views about MAGA and his fanatical support for Trump alienated him from her. The other interviewees include a chief inspector, a forensics professional, a medical examiner, and more unique characters with strong political opinions. Will the truth-seekers in The Plot to Save America survive the heavy cost it comes with?

What The Plot to Save America brings to the world of detective fiction is the daunting sense of responsibility associated with a character who determines whether a criminal ends up in the gallows or not. That the investigation might end up causing a national, political controversy also adds to the intensity and suspense of the narrative. Avraham Azrieli intelligently buries the answers in the narrative and leaves the reader to discover them alongside the protagonist, while he interviews different complex characters. The book is incredibly immersing as the events are described with just enough details to engage you without boring you—like the part where the protagonist investigates the angle a shotgun is shot from to determine if the victim’s death is by suicide or murder.

Apart from the exciting, game-like investigation atmosphere, I enjoyed the thrill of meeting diverse characters with strong, memorable personalities and comparing their extreme political opinions. One character shares his opinion about the need to return African-Americans to Africa, while another states that thinking the United States belongs to white men alone is evil. Thus, the book will appeal to fans of detective fiction and political narratives built around such serious issues as racism, the presidency, and terrorism.

The Plot to Save America merges fiction and reality so well that I had to consciously remind myself that the characters are not real. That the extreme views of the characters reflect real opinions serves as a warning about what the future might bring if we continue to live in a disconnected, us-versus-them reality. Profound, intricate, and unapologetically candid, The Plot to Save America is the perfect companion for killing boredom and engaging the mind. I loved it!

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Author Avraham Azrieli
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 246 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 23-May-2022
ISBN 978195364811 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller