The Reset (Time Corrector Series Book 3)

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Dr. Vincent Abajian faces an international crisis involving his adversary, Philip Nardin. Caught in the turbulence of a looming arms race, Vincent and Philip must unite against evil plans that are targeted at destroying reality as they know it. However, despite the various threats that plague his path, Vincent displays his interesting side as a brilliant artist, pianist, and coder. Also, he is seen navigating intricate relationships involving other crucial characters, including Akane, Nozomi, and Emika. The conclusion of Avi Datta’s Time Corrector series, The Reset, merges political intrigue, technological advancement, time travel, and deep relationships to create an active plot that keeps you guessing every step of the way.

Puzzle lovers and readers who love to contemplate intricate time conundrums will be fully engaged with the book’s sophisticated plot. The author merges various storylines and subplots in a way that keeps your mind busy and filled with questions about the direction of the plot. Also, the chapters are divided into sections that are well-dated and titled to give the reader an idea of the locations and the times of the events in the story. With words like “back to the present” and “Amari residence in Kyoto,” the book offers a chance to follow the story closely.

The impact of the characters’ choices at different times presents an intriguing philosophical theme. The concept of time travel inspired me to think about how our actions in the present shape our reality in the future. Imagine changing the timeline to compel jet manufacturers to make electric planes by “making intreton-c ceramic oxide electrolytes standard for Formula 1.”

Unfortunately, the story feels considerably complicated and might alienate a good portion of the audience. It switches too quickly between different times and locations. For example, a page starts with a scene that occurs on April 17, 2030, then moves to April 21, 2030, in a different location on the same page.

Additionally, the story weaves together too many characters and themes within each chapter and doesn’t allow the reader to get familiar with them. From politics to technology, romance, family issues, time conundrums, cooking, music, coding, and more, the book includes diverse themes and interests. However, the plot might feel considerably clustered as a result. Also, the characters’ thoughts about the situations they experience are somewhat sporadic and not focused on easily traceable progress. All this contributes to a disorienting experience.

I love time travel narratives because I enjoy contemplating the complications that arise with time travel. However, I struggled to enjoy the book because of its quick shifts in times and locations. Finally, I wished its characters offered a more profound, coherent viewpoint.

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Author Avi Datta
Star Count 2/5
Format eBook
Page Count 437 pages
Publisher Bublish
Publish Date 01-Feb-2024
ISBN 9781647047467 Buy this Book
Issue January 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy