The Ridders

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BJ Janoff has been assigned a job by random employers. His charge is to deliver an envelope to the front desk of an upscale hotel. His compensation is one million dollars. The low risk with a high reward has left him with nagging doubts. He has three days to complete his assignment, or there will be consequences. BJ works as a Private Investigator with his brother Jonas. When informed of BJ’s unusual freelance work, he questions BJ’s sanity. BJ’s story of how he was chosen to be a delivery man doesn’t assuage Jonas’ incredulousness. Jonas would prefer BJ’s focus to be centered on investigative work. The brothers are hired to locate a missing young heiress.

Before BJ can assist with the missing persons investigation, he doubles down on the envelope mission. He covertly leaves a camera in sight of the hotel desk and looks to investigate the contents of the mystery envelope. The stakes begin to escalate when the men seeking the envelope’s delivery contact BJ and inform him of their watchful eyes. As if this wasn’t sinister enough, a friend BJ contacts to aid with the envelope is found dead.

BJ knows he needs to be inconspicuous in his wanderings as the delivery deadline approaches. His investigative instincts kick into high gear as the material in the envelope is evaluated, and the people behind the intimidating employers are unmasked. A conspiracy of an unimaginable magnitude is behind a sinister agenda. BJ, Jonas, and a couple of their closest allies will need to be quick on their feet to defeat the shot callers.

There are age-old sayings about when things are too good to be true, they usually aren’t and The Ridders” validates that maxim in spades in relating the exploits of Brock “BJ” Janoff. The Ridders by Lisa Towles takes the readers on a long haul ride to parts unknown where skepticism and paranoia are the paramount thoughts of BJ and his inner circle. BJ is an ideal protagonist, a charming but irrepressible youth whose carefree attitude about life gets a serious jolt. The relationship between BJ and Jonas forms the emotional crux of the narrative as BJ’s longing to measure up to his brother’s aspirations are circumstances many readers can relate to. BJ’s search for the truth also serves as a test towards discovering some inner truths. Author Lisa Towles (Hot House) delivers a rollicking good time read where the mysteries are abundant, but no stone is left unturned in reaching its rewarding denouement.

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Author Lisa Towles
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 274 pages
Publisher Indies United Publishing House
Publish Date 30-Nov-2022
ISBN 9781644564 Buy this Book
Issue July 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller